HiLight Installations

Kauai, Hawaii

Professional Rigging 

We have the know-how you need.

Our background in engineering, Construction, & Tenting gave way to our unique system. 

We have the capability to hang nearly anything from almost anywhere in a Pole Tent.

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Wooden Trusses

 While Trusses are a necessity with every professional rigging company, we didn’t love the obnoxious style of aluminum.. So we created our own!

Hand crafted white wash design allows the beauty in the grain of wood to shine through yet blend into the atmosphere of the tent.

We have smaller 12’ trusses available with a matching design to hang lanterns, florals, whatever you want, where ever you want it! 

The Center Pole Truss spans between 20’ long & 14’ High-The construction is labor intensive & requires multiple people on ladders wielding heavy lumbar. However if it is in your budget, You will not regret it!

From hanging florals to chandeliers- we are here to bring your vision to a reality or help you design something beyond your wildest dreams! 



Fly high little lights

We utilize some of the highest strength-to-size ratio rope on the market: Kevlar & Spectra. Other applications include aerospace & marine, this rope has very little stretch, high working load limits & an even higher break strength. Paired with our favorite rope ratchets, it makes suspending lights & lighter chandeliers a breeze! 

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